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ROCK Volunteer to Match up to $50,000
June 21, 2010

Not only has Dave O'Mara quit his job to ride a bicycle across the country to support ROCK, but he has decided to match up to $50,000 on any donations received effective immediately through the month of July 2010. The $50,000 matching amount will be used to start the Brett Bullen Scholarship Fund which will provide access to college for ROCK participants.

"Behind every successful person is a story," says Dave. "If I am ever deemed successful, by whomever's standard, Brett Bullen will be a big part of my story. That is why I would like to honor my good friend Brett by starting the Brett Bullen Scholarship Fund."

Dave is simply an average guy looking to do something completely unselfish and meaningful. His goal is to inspire people to make a positive change in the lives of young people with less access to resources.

To donate now, visit ROCK's Donation Page.
To learn about Dave and his bike ride, visit

Donations from either site will be counted toward the $50,000 matching goal.


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